Devil’s Artisan 82: Tom Smart on James Reaney’s visual art

Devil’s Artisan #82, Spring / Summer 2018

Issue 82 of Devil’s Artisan features gallery director Tom Smart‘s article “The Visual Art of James Reaney and the Iconography of His Imagination”. The article is an expanded discussion of Smart’s earlier lecture at Words Fest in November 2017.

“… The essence of Reaney’s visual art is his resounding respect for play as a catalyst to unlock creativity — his and ours — and to transform the world perpetually through metaphors that resonate mythically.” (Devil’s Artisan, Issue 82, page 53)

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James Reaney (Photo courtesy Talonbooks)
“The Poet’s Typewriter” by James Reaney, 1997


♦ See also Tom Smart on James Reaney’s visual art at Words Festival and The Iconography of the Imagination: The Art of James Reaney.