Merry Christmas!

“Hark! Who knocks at our door so late?” Watercolour sketch by James Reaney, undated. (Possibly from 2001 and perhaps based on a childhood drawing or an illustration for a story. The old house, the tree, and the windmill are like the farmhouse near Stratford where James Reaney grew up.)

All the best for the holidays and for 2015

December 26, 1996 in London, Ontario: James Reaney at the piano with his granddaughter, Edie Reaney Chunn (age 3 months), and his son-in-law, Ian Chunn. Photo by Wilma McCaig.

December 25, 1996 in London, Ontario: James Reaney with granddaughter Edie and daughter Susan Reaney. Photo by Wilma McCaig.