Richard Stingle 1925-2014

Richard Macmillan Stingle, long-time friend and colleague of James Reaney, passed away on November 22 at University Hospital in London, Ontario.

Richard was a friend and mentor to many of us, and we will remember him for his fierce wit and his generous spirit.

For more memories of Richard, see Don Hair’s tribute and JBNBlog.

May 25, 2010: Richard Stingle on James Reaney’s A Suit of Nettles

Richard Stingle’s talk “A learned poet writes a Suit of Nettles”, London Public Library, May 25, 2010
Richard Stingle with Jean McKay at “The Art of James Reaney,” Landon Library, June 9, 2006, London. Ontario.
Student days: Richard Stingle, Bob Patchell, and James Reaney in Toronto, 1949.