One Reply to “Sticks and Stones in Port Dover on January 13th and 14th”

  1. Thrilled to see a student production of “Sticks and Stones” in Port Dover.

    I was recently reminded of the stylistic brilliance of Jamie’s stage vision that stemmed from “Listen to the Wind”‘s development through Colours and the Donnellys and beyond. I was at the remount of Birdland Theatre’s fine production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Assassins” at the Theatre Centre in Toronto. The production is directed by Adam Brazier, and the staging is truly Reanyesque in some ways. Adam was a student actor in my production some years ago of “St. Nicholas Hotel” and was around at George Brown for my “Zamorna”… and he acted in my remount for the same Birdland company two years ago of the multiple DORA ward winning “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot”, which was without a doubt a production infused with my own evolving Reaneyesque aesthetic in staging. I do believe that Adam has been influenced by my work in his production (we have discussed this) and it is exciting to see a kind of lineage in the work. So seldom in Canada do we actually work in “the school of” someone who created breakthrough work. Tomson Highway has recognized Jamie’s work in influencing his trilogy of Rez plays… but that is a rarity. My influences from Reaney/Hirsch/Turnbull have evolved into a stylistic vein that I use in certain of my own directing projects. I love the idea that this might in turn influence others.

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