Elizabeth Reaney visits the James Reaney Canadian Centre at Gujarat University

On April 6-7, Elizabeth Reaney, James Reaney’s granddaughter, visited the James Reaney Canadian Centre at Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, India. Elizabeth was able to see the Centre’s collection of Canadian literature donated by James Reaney in 1992, and meet some of the students who are using it in their studies.


Dr. Ranjana Harish, Director of the Centre, welcomed Elizabeth and assured her that the collection is  well maintained and a valuable resource for scholars and students studying Canadian literature. Elizabeth was pleased to see that the some of the books include her grandfather’s wry marginal comments.

James Reaney visited India in January 1996 and spoke at the Canadian Studies Conference at Kerala University in Trivandrum. He enjoyed a performance of his play, Wacousta, put on by students, and he also painted this watercolour of his visit to the beach near Trivandrum on the Indian Ocean.

Watercolour sketch by James Reaney, January 1996 in Trivandrum


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  1. sir,
    I am doing research on james reaney and absense of secondary source in this eminent writer haunts me…….
    can anyone tell me where could i get the secondary sources of this famous Canadian writer

    1. Thank you for your interest. There are several links one can pursue to find out about James Reaney’s work. Try beginning with the Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia: http://www.canadiantheatre.com/dict.pl?term=Reaney%2C%20James

      Then, the University of Guelph has quite a lot of storage on-line about Canadian Theatre: http://www.lib.uoguelph.ca/resources/archival_&_special_collections/the_collections/digital_collections/theatre/

      These other links may also provide useful background:

      Bibliography of Comparative Studies in Canadian, Québec and Foreign Literatures



      The Canadian Encyclopedia:

  2. Madam,

    As directed by you i have contacted Prof. Dr. Ranjana Harish madam and visited Gujarat University Reaney Canadian Centre. It was a fruitful visit for me in the James Reaney Canadian Centre. I take this opportunity to thank Dr.Ranjana Harish madam to maintain this awesome library. It really helped me a lot to get much materials on Mr. James Reaney and I think it is sufficient to complete my research, and I am sure this library is going to be a heaven for those who are going to research on Canadian Literature and especially on Mr. James Reaney.

    1. Dear Sir: We are glad to hear about your visit to the Reaney Canadian Centre; we wish you every success with your research.

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