Jean McKay on James Reaney’s art: “What on earth are you doing, Sir?”

Here is Jean McKay’s article “What on earth are you doing, Sir?” on James Reaney’s visual art from ArtScape magazine, June 2006 (Issue 5, pages 10-11), reproduced with the kind permission of Jean McKay. “The Art of James Reaney” was an exhibition of paintings and drawings by James Reaney held at the Landon Branch Library in London, Ontario from June 9-30, 2006.

"The Art of James Reaney" was an exhibition of James Reaney's paintings, sketches, drawings, and rubbings at the London Public Library, Landon Branch, June 9-23, 2006.
“What on earth are you doing, Sir?” by Jean McKay, ArtScape Magazine, Issue 5, pages 10-111, June 2006. Reproduced by permission.
“The Elm Tree” Watercolour by James Reaney, 1942