Mimi Lights the Candle at Stratford Central Secondary School

Here are photos from Stratford Central Secondary School‘s recent production of Mimi Lights the Candle, a Christmas play James Reaney wrote in 1943 when he was a student.

On Christmas Eve, Laura, Mimi’s long-absent mother, returns home.

Mimi:      But you came!

Laura:     Yes, because it was Christmas. My money was nearly gone,
but I managed to pay my fare here. And then Mimi’s candle drew me.

November 26, 2010: Stratford Central Secondary School students in a scene from Mimi Lights the Candle. Photo by Wilma McCaig.
November 26, 2010: Carollers from Mimi Lights the Candle, Stratford Central Secondary School. Photo by Wilma McCaig.